New Life At Cairngorms Glamping

It has been one very exciting day today, here at Cairngorms Glamping!!!! We are proud to announce the addition of new life to our fabulous venture! First to arrive, was our polytunnel which is now full of life which will hopefully grow into wonderful fruit and vegetables for you wonderful glampers.Secondly, we had more new life arrive on our doorstep today, our wonderful Golden Pheasant eggs – the eggs are resting for 24 hours and will then go into our incubator. We cannot wait for them to hatch, the males turn into gorgeous red and yellow pheasants. We will keep you updated on their progression . So thirdly (and I am guessing you have figured it out by the photographs) we are hoping to take delivery of two baby piggies this weekend. We are building a special breed/petting corner for our visitors and hope you enjoy our journey.        …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..   

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Mary Queen of Scots in Strathdon!!

One of the most exciting events that happened recently in Strathdon, was the filming of “Mary Queen of Scots”!!!! It was a time of anticipation for us locals, not knowing what or who you may see when they were filming here. I have shared a few photos that we managed to capture, from “behind the scenes” of the battle on the bridge with the highland cow herd and shots of the stars on their stunning horses to the actual carriage that Mary travelled in, in the film. There are many stunning sights to see in Strathdon and the Cairngorms National Park, but we thought we would share these exciting shots with you. Our pod is available at a special rate (until the end of March) of £45 per night (sleeps 4). THE FIRST BOOKING RECEIVED THAT QUOTES “WEBSITE”, WILL RECEIVE TWO FREE BREAKFAST PACKS ON THE FIRST NIGHT OF THEIR STAY.

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Stunning Views

I love it here in Strathdon, the scenery and photo opportunities never fail to to have me in awe. No matter the season, it is absolutely gorgeous and so easy to come home to after a day in the office. Personally, my favourite time of year is summer with the beautiful heather on the hills and lots of daylight to appreciate it and get outdoors. However living here in the Cairngorms National Park makes winter so much more bearable, as you can see from the photos, the views are equally amazing in the snow! Who doesn’t want to wake up to a landscape that looks like glitter has been sprinkled all over!? We are close to the Lecht Ski Centre, though I can’t claim to be a skier or snowboarder – maybe one day I will tick it off of my bucket list. Why don’t you venture out to Cairngorms Glamping, with a month almost gone – is it not about time you ticked something off your to-do list? We look forward to welcoming you……..

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Somewhere over the rainbow……….

 Somewhere over the rainbow…in the magical land of Strathdon. Suffering from the January blues, why not get away from the triviality of life, come and see the wonderful place that is Strathdon (within the Cairngorms National Park). We are lucky enough to experience many weather phenomenons, I think my favourite is the rainbow however we do also get glimpses of Aurora Borealis. We still await the snow which is apparently arriving tonight, and is forecast to last for a month #skiingandsledging. No matter what the weather is like in Strathdon, the beauty remains and there is always a positive out of a negative. So what are you procrastinating for, you’ve probably already broken a resolution you made for 2019 so get this done and treat yourself.

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New Year Resolutions and Bucket Lists

Robert, myself, Sean and Lauren hope you had a fantastic, fun-filled Christmas. I think everyone is now in the limbo state of “not Christmas, but not quite Hogmanay yet”. If you need something to look forward to, why not book our pod – be it for Hogmanay in the tranquillity of Strathdon with the chance of seeing a shooting star to wish on, or just a weekend break in the near future. Our pod is nice and cosy so the weather need not put you off, in fact some of you may be awaiting the snow in anticipation. The Lecht Ski Centre now has a new snow-making machine, and currently has the nursery slopes covered. Want to tick something off your bucket list, got a New Year resolution to keep fit………..get yourselves out here and get it sorted. We look forward to seeing you, be it in 2018 or 2019. 
Strawberry Skies (unfiltered photo taken at Cairngorms Glamping)

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Glamping pod Features

Glamping Strathdon Pod Features

All our Glamping Pods are fitted out to a high standard and make a warm and comfortable environment for the camper, rambler, angler or skier. Contact us for further details or to make a booking.

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Services now in for another 3 pods

No rest for the wicked………..another busy day for Robert and his dad. That is now the services in for another 3 pods.

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Only a few miles from The Lecht Ski Slopes

Strathdon Glamping

In the Cairngorms National Park

Fishing on the River Don


Skiing on the Lecht Ski Slopes

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Our Local Family Run Shop

During your glamping experience here in the Cairngorms National Park, we have the most amazing family-run Spar shop only 1.5 miles away. It has everything you will need and more, from fresh butcher’s goods to an amazing alcohol range at unbeatable prices!! They even cater for your dogs, you can’t forget them and they are more than welcome in our luxury en-suite glamping pod. So what are you waiting for, we are here and ready to welcome you……

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Christmas Shopping Trip

Fancy a Christmas shopping weekend, want to avoid the crowds? Then we have the perfect place for your trip, Strathdon located within the Cairngorms National Park. Come and stay with us in our luxury glamping pod, heated, en-suite and complete with a fridge for your refreshments. We have Goodbrand and Ross a ten minute drive away, it has everything you need with something for everyone on your Christmas list. After you have shopped at your leisure, why not enjoy the many delights of their cafe. They have the most amazing cakes and coffee, with their “hot chocolate with the works” being the best around.

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Approach to Cairngorms Glamping

Approach from the hill to Glamping Site

With the River Don (just off pic) on right.

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Poldullie Bridge

Poldullie Bridge – Strathdon

In celebration of 300 years and the 174th Lonach Gathering August 2015

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A Winter Wonderland

Corgarff Castle and the famous Cockbridge sign
The beauty of the Cairngorms is that it is beautiful whatever the weather…..a little more and we will get sledging. The famous Cockbridge to Tomintoul road was closed for the first time this winter.

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Our Rainbow

I can sing a rainbow…..or two.
Just one of the many natural phenomenons we are treated to in Strathdon.

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Glamping First Post

This is a first post to check out the Blog Input

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I can sing a rainbow…..or two.  
20.10.18 – Just one of the many natural phenomenons we get to witness in Strathdon.